I always seem to have problems with “these” pages. For one, I’m not quite “normal.” And I mean that literally. I am an adult with Asperger’s Syndrome. I don’t quite think in the same ways that a “neuro-typical” does. That “difference” in thought-process can make it difficult for me to really explain or “describe” myself. It’s not that I don’t understand how “most” people think, it’s that “they” don’t understand the way I think. For me, every culture is “forgeign.” I have no “native tongue.” I speak american english as a “second language,” but the “language” I grew up with was that of thought.

Even with that attempt to write about myself, I still feel that there is a disconnect between my real meaning and the words that are available to me to express it. I often hear people who are familiar with autism in general, describe those with autism as “thinking outside the box.” I do feel that is fairly accurate. I would say an even more accurate phrase would be “there’s a box?” Or perhaps even “yes, I see lots of boxes. Which one are you talking about?”

In the end I suppose the best way to give someone insight into understanding me, is to do as I have started doing. To write out my thoughts in a “box” like this. I believe that over time, a person can begin to learn a great deal about another, through reading that person’s writing. Of course there are always exceptions to that “rule.” But for the most part, I feel it is an “acceptable” method.

So, if you are curious, I invite you to read and to comment. This whole blog is still a work in progress, so please excuse any “messy space” in here. Trying to organize it as I would in my mind, would likely confuse everyone else, so I’m trying to find a middle-ground. A place where I have the ability to stay closer to my own nature, while still being able to express it in an understandable way.


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