3 May, 2010 Table of Contents

This page will be updated to “Updated:[Date of update] Table of Contents” past its original date of publishing. It will contain links to the 1st post of each child category of “Academics/Pseudo-academics.” Each link will be presented in this format: [(Date of 1st post) Title of Post].



2 May, 2010 Science as the Religion of “Why?”


Notes About This Blog


2 May, 2010 Challenges of Sources/Opinion 

2 May, 2010 Sources, Updates, and Revision 

2 May, 2010 Intended Format and Guidelines 

2 May, 2010 Explanation 

2 May, 2010 Legend 

2 May, 2010 Challenges 

2 May, 2010 Personal Sources

2 May, 2010 Deviations

3 May, 2010 Academic Database/Search Engine Access


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