On Benghazi, Clinton, and Trump

From the mixed bag that is Facebook…


(Block quotes are from the same person and in order of reply starting with the original comment on the post; “side” comments from other people are omitted. Spelling and grammar of the person are theirs, not mine.)

For all of the liberals, may you always have TP to wipe your tearful eyes, because nothing will be for free, and all of high society might not be making all of the money that they expected, because what they where promised by lobbiest will not get past….my deepest, sincere, GO TRUMP!!!

It never ceases to astound me how many people will vote against their own self interests.

I hope and pray that our society is not going to want to be part of history like Obama to vote in the first African American to vote in the the first woman who has already been denied her security clearances….this is one crazy mixed up world that we are living in….

I think you’re confusing a proposed bill with a passed and signed bill.

Either way….it is a total debauchery to our Constitution and to our country to even allow someone with this kind of luggage to even be able to run for our Presidency….. She is a disgrace to America and to the 4 lives she allowed to die without help in Benghazi…. Military prison is to good for her….Quitmo Bound as far as I am concerned…

Let me ask you this: how many Americans did Bush allow to die in a war under false pretense? Somewhere in excess of 4000, I believe. I met quite a few who became one of those 4000+, while I was in the Navy (August 2001-August 2006). Remember, there were no weapons of mass destruction. Nor was there a terrorist connection. Although with all our mis-targeted strikes, who knows, maybe we destroyed the evidence we were looking for.

As for who was responsible vs who was culpable for the failures in Benghazi, that’s quite a difference. Even assuming the manpower and funds were available to provide “adequate” security for the compound, just how much of a force would have been needed to delay or repel between 125 and 150 armed attackers? And how about the failures by local authorities (our own personnel) to respond appropriately? When a messenger of the watch on a ship fails to relay a message to the bridge/CIC, is the captain responsible for not acting on a message not received? Or is the messenger culpable for failing to perform their duties? The same principle applies, even if the names for the “actors” are different. She accepted responsibility for her part, not for the failures of individuals on the ground. No matter how many “good’ decisions are made by a leader, people under their command will die in the line of duty; no plan survives enemy contact, intact. The end objectives might still be met, but not according to plan.

It frankly terrifies me that people would vote for someone who will guarantee we have more of this happening. I have no doubts that Trump’s behavior would alienate us world-wide, and only encourage further attacks against us here and abroad. His campaign rhetoric only gives support to ISIS recruitment efforts (they say we hate them all, among other things); I can only imagine how much of a poster-child he would be for their “cause” on that point alone. How many more American lives would that cost? Not to mention, a clear lack of understanding on his part of our most basic Constitutional principles.

If you want to talk baggage, how about his numerous failed businesses, as well as his use of Chapter 11 bankruptcies as a business model? How else has he managed to stay rich, with all those failed businesses? It certainly wasn’t through running successful businesses. How about investigation into fraud stemming from his failed Trump University? He has all the diplomacy of a school yard bully; every time anyone says anything he doesn’t like or contradicts him, he spouts personal attacks against them. He lies so often I have to question his grasp of reality. Then there’s his long term memory issue. Or how about all the violence he personally incited at rallies? On camera? Or is that okay because those people didn’t like him? Even if I was a conservative/republican, I wouldn’t vote for him; I’d hold my nose, swallow my pride, and vote for Clinton (or Sanders, but it doesn’t look like he’s gonna make it to the ballot). The man is a self-serving egotist with no qualifications to be President; I’m more qualified to be President than he is, and I’m a dysfunctional/nonfunctional veteran with anger management issues, severe depression, and asperger’s who shouldn’t be let anywhere near the nuclear football. Let alone near world leaders at the negotiating table.


~ by Xandalis on 16 July, 2016.

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