Thoughts on Revamping Our System

So, supposedly we have the best democracy in the world. At least that’s what we keep telling ourselves as a “whole.” If that’s true, then why do we also have career politicians? At what point did the title become more important than the duties? I can’t honestly say I know at which point, though frankly I feel the “when” is irrelevant. What I do know, is the old adage “power corrupts.” Now, it may not always hold true in all cases, but frankly I believe that anyone who seeks power is at a very high risk of becoming corrupted by it.

We’ve seen several elected officials recalled in fairly short order. Why? It boils down to this simple fact: they utterly and completely failed to uphold their promises and claims. They initiated policies and actions that not only were “nowhere near” the topics they used to gain votes, but in some cases diametrically opposed to their campaign promises. Now, that makes me quite happy to see. The part about them being effectively yanked out of office, that is. However I still have quite the list of issues with the workings of our government at this time…

While I don’t pretend to have all the fine-point details worked out on this idea, I do have a general concept. I think the process of election needs to change. Not the election part, but how a person’s name can get printed on a ballot. Draft them from a truly random “lottery.” Screen them, put them through the wringer of psychological evaluation. If they “want” to be on the ballot, they’re automatically disqualified. If they don’t want to be on the ballot, great, let them hope they don’t get elected to office. Rinse&Repeat until an “acceptable” candidate turns up. Remove the names of those who did not pass screening from the lottery system. Other “dis-qualifiers” should include family/relatives who are, or have been, in any elected office. No political dynasties. Require that any campaign donations come from American citizens. If a company wants to donate, they may NOT be in any way shape or form an international organization. I don’t care if they’re one, or five hundred steps removed from a foreign company. If they are not a “purely American Owned&Operated” company, they may not participate in any portion of our selection process, including backing a candidate. Increase the term lengths, but just like the President’s office, put term limitations in place. No more career politicians please. Our country can’t take much more of them. According to the 2010 Census, there are 308.7 million people living in the United States. That should be more than enough to provide a suitable candidate for every elected position.


~ by Xandalis on 23 November, 2011.

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