Yes, I have my eGo, I don’t need yours

So, it’s nearly a week now, since I started vaping instead of smoking. Did have to revert back to analogs for a day, while waiting on my first order of e-juice to show up. That wasn’t very fun. God cigarettes taste horrible now. I’ll stick to my eGo, thank you.

Anyway, as I’ve started discovering, the vaping/e-cig community (we prefer the term vaping instead of smoking, and Personal Vaporizer over electronic cigarette) can be a prickly bunch. One of my two orders didn’t arrive as planned, and I griped about it on the forums in the appropriate “review” area. Now in fairness, I apparently broke some unspoken bit of etiquette in doing so, by posting about the issue without waiting for possible resolution with the vendor in question. Of course, before anyone else had even posted a reply, I posted a copy of the email I received from the vendor about said issue.

To summarize so far, I griped, contacted vendor, and posted vendor’s response. The response was good in my opinion and I was content to leave it at that, figuring that anyone else who read it would’ve ACTUALLY read the initial post along with my follow-up on it and realize that I was no longer upset at said vendor. At that point, I was just upset at having paid nearly twice the cost of the items for overnight shipping that turned out to be 2nd day through no direct fault of the vendor. I was upset at the postal service about that.

But, since I always feel the need to “correct” or “clarify” my stance when people make assumptions about what I mean by something, this drew out into a bit of a minor furball. It would also seem that its bothered me a bit more than I just realize, since I’m here writing about it after it’s otherwise been over with. So, back on topic… Quite a few people (including my friend whom suggested I get on said forums and get myself a starter kit for vaping) seemed to think I was “in the wrong” in general, due to the specifics of the event.

At this point I should probably mention that the FDA is trying very hard to “crack down” on PVs in general. Something that none of us are happy about, since we feel like the FDA wants to give us two choices: go back to using tobacco, or use various Nicotine Replacement Therapy/products (most of which have an abysmal <15% success rate). Now, I get that the 4-7 chemicals contained in the liquid (e-juice) used for PVs (nicotine optional, since you can get non-nicotine juices) may be harmful to a person. But can you honestly say that 4-7 chemicals vs the god-knows-how-many (many of which are KNOWN carcinogens) in processed tobacco isn’t an improvement? Even if the FDA’s “ideal” would be for ALL smokers to quit smoking due to the health issues smoking can and will cause in the long run? All I can say is that in regards to overall health, I’ve been feeling MUCH better over the past week, than I have in the past month. And the only change in my surroundings/behavior has been to stop smoking cigarettes. It’s not rocket-science to figure out why I’m feeling better.

Okay, back on point yet again…

So, some of the people on the forum start piping up in the thread, defending said vendor. I have no problems with that, in fact it’s great to see happen. It helps me know that my problem was a hiccup in the grand scheme of things with that vendor, rather than “business as usual.” So, I mention that as long as I’m happy with the order once it arrives (it did, and I am), that I will still plan on purchasing supplies from that vendor. Now at this point you might think that the people “on the defense” would have a reaction along the lines of “Oh, okay. Cool deal.” But no… while it didn’t ACTUALLY escalate to this point, I could feel things approaching the “threshold” of people going “rabid guard-dog” on me over the whole thing (including previously mentioned friend).

And to think, it all started over a consumer exercising their right to say “Hey, I don’t think that’s good service, you should fix it,” when having a reasonable expectation of getting what was paid for (products, and shipping costs for the vendor to ship said products). Did I suddenly shift into a slightly different universe without knowing it? Did retailers suddenly become not accountable for the methods used to ship their goods? Or was this all just people’s stress levels hitting a brief critical-mass, since all of us vapers are at risk of having an order seized by the FDA/having a favorite supplier go under due to having their supply orders seized by the FDA?

So, I suppose if there’s one thing I’ve learned from this whole event: don’t say anything that’s not nice, unless I REALLY mean it, about a vendor in a “negative review” forum section. At least in the vaping community. Or about the USPS.


~ by Xandalis on 17 September, 2010.

2 Responses to “Yes, I have my eGo, I don’t need yours”

  1. Nicely written! Maybe everyone in the PV community is a little speedy from being able to breath….☺ In case anyone from the PV forums reads this, I was kidding. You are all wonderful wonderful people… really, I mean it. Honest.

  2. Eh, I’m chalking it up to unintentional (but misdirected) angst due to the whole FDA mess right now. Hehe

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