The plight of an adult college student…

So, I’m returning some rentals to the local BlockBuster, and I end up having a most interesting conversation with one of the employees. Seems he’s taking one or two classes a semester at AB Tech also. So, I take the opportunity to ask him a few questions based on my own issues with the school. Turns out we’re experiencing similar problems. He plans on transferring to UNCA for mechatronic engineering. However, the folks at AB Tech have him registered in the school’s “general education” program and according to the people at UNCA, most of the courses he’s taken won’t transfer because they’re not needed in the mechatronics program. Now, I have no way to verify every part of what he told me about this. But considering he mentioned this before I explain my own situation, I find it a bit too much of a “coincidence” to not take some of it at face value.

Which brings me to this point of concern once again: am I in the correct program, and if not, what will happen to the courses I’ve already taken? Will they still apply towards the correct program? Will I have to “redo” the past 5 semesters completely? How much could this screw my education plans? Oh, and there’s also the bit where he mentions that he knows several people who are currently attempting to sue AB Tech for mishandling their financial aid. Now again, this isn’t something I can verify, not immediately anyway. But if true, it certainly does explain quite a bit, quite simply.

In a time when so many general behaviours of organizations and businesses are under enough scrutiny, to the point they make extra efforts to at least appear that they are operating “as they’re supposed to,” I can “excuse” a few random “oopses.” There’s always that one person who isn’t up to speed on how things should be done, or is just so new to the job they don’t know any better yet, etc. But I can’t accept more than one or two isolated cases as falling under that “oops” factor. Nevermind the fact that most “entities” will try to claim their “oops moments” as just that: accidents with nothing else to it other than one person making a mistake. I just can’t accept “gross mismanagement” as a mistake.

Now, everything I’ve said here is based upon my own personal experience over the years, and a random conversation at the video rental store. The only thing I can’t verify yet, is what the other guy said. I know what I’ve seen, heard, read, and lived through. However, to be fair, I have to admit that I may not be aware of issues going on “behind the scenes” through all points in my life experience. But I can use what appears to be true to deduce the “facts” around it. Meaning my conclusions are based upon available information that I am aware of. So, based on what I’ve been aware of, this is starting to stink of poor handling of “business” by the school.

This all makes me really wonder if I’m even getting a quality education from AB Tech. And for anyone who might argue that “the guy has his own problems with the school, and wants other people to agree with him,” you’re right. Maybe he does have issues (his own, or the school’s) about AB Tech. But why would he bring them up before knowing my own stance? Just something to think about on the “other side of the fence…”


~ by Xandalis on 5 May, 2010.

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