Personal Sources

There will be points where I draw upon my own life experience as a source. I know this is not considered acceptable in academics unless a person has attained appropriate academically recognized credentials within a given field. However, this is one of the areas in which I will deviate from pure academics. Therefor, I will not provide citation for my own experience, unless I feel it is necessary. I will, however, provide reasons in future updates to this post, as to why I feel I have the necessary experience on a topic. Those updates to this post will be divided by headers for each topic.

On Christiantiy

I grew up a Christian Sciencetist by choice. I was active within my church from the age of 5, until I was about 14. If  reader wishes to know more about my background in this area, please make any such requests on the appropriate challenge post below. I will provide whatever information or citation I am able to.

Personal Source Challenges


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