Challenges of Sources/Opinion

For those readers who wish to present a challenge or difference of opinion, of any posts, please follow the guidelines below. Each post will contain a link to a specific post dedicated to challenges to that topic, in the form of comments. Those posts will also contain a link back to the source post, for reference. Also, only posts designated as challenge posts will have comments enabled. All comments must be approved first. Comments not conforming to these guidelines will not be approved.

To clarify one very important point: a challenge of the writing must be from a factual standpoint. A reader’s opinion alone will not be considered sufficient weight to justify the time and effort required on my part, to respond to the challenge of opinion. However, if a reader has academically recognizable credentials and cites them in the appropriate format, I will automatically consider the weight of their opinion. Beyond that, I ask that any challenges include at least one citation in the appropriate format for the field of study or topic. If there has yet to be an established writing and citation format for the topic, please also include the format used for the given citation.

To Issue a Challenge of a Source

Specifically challenge my knowledge of the source material. If I am unable to provide via follow-up posts or comments to this blog, sufficient proof to the majority of the reader-base at that time, I will then perform the appropriate research to the best of my ability. I will then post the results and sources of said research, along with an unbiased (as possible, again to be judged by the majority of readers) comparison of my original statements/opinions with any information gained or verified by the new research. I must add that I do not maintain any subscriptions to any academic or trade journals at this time, except those I have access to via Holly Library at Asheville-Buncombe Technical College of Asheville, NC that are afforded to me as a current student. I will post the names and related information of each database and/or journal that I have access to. I will also update that list with any changes when applicable. To specify, updates will include (but are not limited to): changes in access to a research engine (gaining access/loosing access and the reasons why), last known research engine database update, and “majority reader” opinion of research engine (if any).

To Issue a Challenge of Opinion

If a reader’s opinion of conclusions based upon credible sources is different, and that reader feels the need to challenge my conclusions, state the logic and/or rational behind the different conclusion. However, inflammatory writing will not be tolerated, and any further challenges will be ignored.

To Issue a Challenge of Source Credibility/Validity

If a reader wants to question a source’s credibility/validity, that reader must provide proper citation from another source. Again, exceptions will be made if the reader can provide proper credentials. Otherwise, any challenges of source credibility/validity that do not provide proper sources, will be either disregarded or considered a challenge of opinion.



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