*Checks batteries in the flashlight*

Well, it’s been a while. I honestly think this is the first time I popped on here since setting up the blog due to prodding from my mom…

So, what a crazy world we’re in today, huh? Well, I think the whole world is rather crazy right now, but to specify, I’m talking about living in the USA. We’re starting our second year with President Obama in office. The first black man to hold the office in our history. Also, and more importantly, a constitutional lawyer. A man who has a qualification I feel should be a prerequisite for the job. And of course, regardless of how or why it would seem to have happened, his election to the office has put the spotlight on just how big the divide really is between the races in our country.

I mean, really, I still occasionally get some of those nasty email chains that say things like (and I’m paraphrasing here) “Expect to see tax write-offs on 40 oz. malt liquors, and chicken wings for dinner every night in the white house, now that we have a black president.” You tell me, does that reek of racism? I sure think it does. But, then that’s just me. It seems to me, having lived through the Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and the other Bush (wasn’t fond of daddy, but at least daddy didn’t bork things like jr. did), that the assault on Obama’s policies and politics started sooner than with any of the other presidents I’ve been around for. I really can’t attribute it to his policies, either. Yes, of course ANY president is going to come up with things that not everyone will like. We’re a very large country in population. Also we happen to have much more breathing room for that population than in other countries (as far as I’m aware, if I’m wrong, please constructively corret me). So, back to what I can or can’t attribute all the anti-Obama rhetoric to, I really do have to say that I think the main reason we are seeing so much political crap being thrown around, is because he’s black. There, I’ve said it. I think most of what is going on is because many people, regardless of specific names for their reasons, simply don’t think a black man should be president. And yes, I know that implies a much larger problem, but I’m not going any closer to that one right now.

So, what gives? Are have we really come as far as we claim to, as a nation? As a society? Have we really embodied the values and ideals our founding fathers wanted? Oh, I think we’ve come a long way from then. But when people are still effecitvely debating just what “equality” is, and who should have it, we obviously haven’t come far enough. We have a bill of rights (yes, THAT Bill of Rights), and some groups will tout it as a party line, then slamming anyone as wrong who doesn’t subscribe/conform to their views. And frankly, it makes me sick. Sick to be grouped next to those people by “merit” of being from the same country as them. Sick in that I really don’t believe they hold any of the values I feel this country officially stands for. Sick that when I meet people from other countries, they are more likely to assume that I believe as the more vocal minority beleives. And in that, regardless of how much I do love this country, how much good I think we can do for both ourselves, and the world, I am ashamed to be called an “American.” The “American” that thinks we should have our way because we’re America. The “American” who thinks that “freedom of religion” is being free to say they are a [insert religion here], but not free to be something else. The “American” who feels that in a country of supposed equality, we can pass laws that force people identifying themselves as members of certain groups into having less rights and equality.

But you know what? At least this isn’t China. If it was, I’m not sure this would be up long enough for anyone to ever read. And that’s no small thing. We claim to be an enlightened society. It’s time we stop touting that party-line, and start living it.


~ by Xandalis on 30 April, 2010.

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  1. Hoo-yah! I see I raised you right☺

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